Which brand outdoor down jacket is good?

It was so sudden in winter that it was killed. This fine rain strikes, the cold and cold weather makes people think of down jackets, coincides with the arrival of double 11 and the sudden sudden changes in the weather. This winter, this big item that has to be purchased – down jacket, wants to choose a piece of cost-effective, really It’s a lot of brains. Many people have already added down jackets to their shopping carts. But many brands, prices are not equal, promotional advertisements are varied, I really don’t know how to choose. Today we are going to open the fog of down jackets, see their needs, and learn to choose the down jacket that suits them.

Many people have this kind of experience, buy a few down jackets every year, go into different occasions, with different styles. It is inconvenient to store and it is a waste of money. Sikai Le outdoor down jacket, one can let you fight for various occasions. Through so many brands of down jackets, I think that Sikai’s down jacket gives people the feeling that fashion is versatile, warm, stylish, soft and slim, which is the most personal feeling of many consumers.

First of all, it is gentle, this is the trend of down jackets in recent years. Every brand will have an ultra-light concept, but many are light enough but not warm enough. Fluffiness is the most important indicator of down quality. The same pile content, the same weight of down, the higher the bulkiness, the larger the unit area, the more insulation air, the better the warmth and comfort of the down. Sikai’s outdoor down jacket is topped with 90% white goose down and feels very soft and fit. The Sikai outdoor down jacket is made of omnidirectional stretch fabric, and the soft characteristics will make your winter no longer refuse the down jacket.

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