Down jacket fashion vane

This brand new appearance of Bosideng, the combination of clothing with the oriental charm, technology elements and fashion layering, let the down jacket take care of both style and temperature.

On the pattern, the classical pavilion printing, the antique abstract garden pattern, and the oriental charm and the fashion silhouette of the “Dragon Teng” collide with each other. Bosideng used forty years of ingenuity and persistence to present the down jacket to the world. Great potential for fashion rumors.

In the color matching, Bosideng broke the original black and white gray barriers of winter clothing, and created new fun by contrasting colors. The use of metallic color and lacquer bright color showed the rhythm of winter.

In the silhouette, the ultra-long style, wrap-around and irregular cuts all break the boring tradition of the down jacket from the design, and collide with the traditional and modern aesthetic.

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