What are the down jackets made of?

The amount of cashmere, the amount of cashmere and the degree of looseness are important indicators for measuring down. The amount of cashmere is not an indicator of the quality of the down, it refers to the weight of a down jacket filled with a full down. Usually, the amount of cashmere in the wild down jacket is at 250-450 grams depending on the planning of the indicator; the cashmere content of the wild down jacket is usually above 80%, and the data content of the cashmere is 80%, and the feather is 20%; The higher the degree of looseness, the lower the amount of air can be fixed by the down filling under the same amount of filling, so the warmth of the down is better.

When you buy a down jacket, you don’t just need to know what the down jacket is, but also know how to distinguish the quality of the down jacket. Generally, the manufacturer of the specification will indicate the filling on the commodity. For example, the filling of the Dragon Bird Tipt down jacket is “250 g 600FP 90% white duck down”, which means that the down jacket is filled with 250 g of 600 looseness. 90% white duck down.

After hand-pinching, the feeling of the hair stem is not obvious, indicating that the amount of cashmere is high, and vice versa. But be careful, if you don’t feel any hair stems, you might use a down jacket filled with flying silk. Flying silk is a sessile short silk that falls from the feather during the down processing. It has poor warmth and no looseness. It is agglomerated after washing.

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