Bosideng has returned to its main business

Recently, Bosideng announced that it has been selected into the CCTV national brand plan and announced its development strategy for the next three years. It said that the channel will be upgraded systematically. All stores will be adjusted according to the new layout, and the mainstream channels will be upgraded to upgrade the terminal experience. In addition, Bosideng will renovate its flagship stores in Beijing, Shanghai and London this year with a new design concept.

“The existing channels have been relatively marginalized, and the mainstream crowds and major channels are gradually drifting away.” Bo Jindeng executive director and vice president Qi Jinsong said, “In the next three years, Bosideng will 70% of the existing channels of more than 3,000 stores. Up to 80% of the reshuffle, the new store will be positioned as a flagship store in shopping malls, fashion department stores and core business districts, focusing on the effect and brand effect.”

Since 2009, Bosideng has entered the men’s, women’s, children’s, business men’s, home and other businesses through acquisitions, joint ventures, etc., and diversified attempts, but the results are not satisfactory. In 2017, Bosideng announced that it would “cut off” the non-down business of men’s wear, home and children’s wear, and refocus resources on the main business of down jackets.

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