Canada Goose’s special marketing plan

One of the core issues facing offline retail outlets at this stage is how to enhance the user experience. The down brand Canada goose has recently made a comeback. The fourth US direct-operated store, which will open in the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey, USA, will set up a new area in the store, Hail.

This is not the first time a Canadian geese has set up such a new retail area. In 2017, the brand once conducted a test at the Tokyo store and claimed that it had a great success. Therefore, in addition to the new stores opened in New Jersey, Hail also plans to move to Boston, Montreal, and even the upcoming Beijing and Hong Kong stores at the end of the year.

But in fact, hail is not a pioneering work for Canadian geese. As early as 2016, outdoor sports brand Eddie Bauer has introduced a life-size hail in the store. At that time, the brand wanted to attract consumers to feel the warmth of its functional products, and on the other hand, it wanted to show the product development conditions and further tell the brand story.

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