How to wash down jacket by washing machine

First of all, we have to understand why the machine-washed down jacket will explode. When the down jacket is machine-washed, it will enter a lot of bubbles or water, which will become a big balloon. When it is gradually inflated, it will explode, especially when it is dry. Larger, more prone to explosions. Knowing the above principle, we will wash it. Please make sure that the inner tube of your washing machine is large enough, and the small inner drum washing machine cannot clean the down jacket.

Put the down jacket in the washing machine first, press the down jacket into the water after the water is filled in the washing machine, let the down jacket fully absorb water, then take out the down jacket, twist it by hand, let it back into the washing machine, add washing powder or laundry detergent. The washing machine is fixed to a relatively slow gear, or the soft gear of washing silk and wool products is washed.

Note that if your home is a fully automatic washing machine, please turn off the dehydration process. The down jacket is very prone to explosion during high-speed dehydration; if your washing machine is a two-cylinder washing machine, please do not use dry after washing. The barrel is dehydrated, otherwise it is prone to explosion. After washing the down jackets of the above two washing machines, you need to wring them out yourself, and you can screw them up. Do not twist the down jacket. The remaining water can be placed under the down jacket with a basin and the dripping water.

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