The difference between ski wear and down jacket

When choosing a ski suit, you should not first choose a garment that is too small or too tight, which will limit the sliding motion. For beginners, wearing a one-piece ski suit is more convenient than a ski suit. If you don’t have a one-piece ski suit, a pair of elastic long knee pads, a wide strip of wristband and a scarf can also prevent snow from entering.

In terms of color, it is best to choose a bold color that matches the white, red, orange, sky blue or multiple colors. First, provide other skiers with eye-catching signs to avoid collisions; The second is to add fascinating charm to the sport. A beautiful and fit professional ski suit will make you stand out from the graceful curves of nature when you experience the joy of nature. It is best not to wear an all-white ski suit.

The opening of the ski suit is dominated by a large zipper, which makes it easy to handle when wearing gloves. Ski suits must have a number of large pockets that are easy to open, so that some commonly used ski products can be placed in different categories for easy use. Since it is often necessary to manually ski equipment and ski poles, the ski gloves should be wide and separate. The wrist of the glove should be long. It is best to cover the cuff. If the elastic band can be sealed, it can effectively prevent the snow from entering.

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